Moving to Los Angeles



Dear Everybody:

After years of "sorta thinkin' about it", I've decided to move to
.  It'll only be for four months (at least that's the plan at this
point).  Heidi Engstrom, a graduate student at the U of M who grew up next
door to me, will be living in my house with Spooky,
Casper, Ebony, Rusty and
Emma.  I'm delighted that she will be my house sitter; she's quiet,
responsible, has done lots of house sitting and is intimately familiar with
the neighborhood.  She said she even used to play in my bedroom as a child
(get your mind out of the gutter; that was long before I owned the house!).

Besides escaping this inhospitable weather, I'm going out there to pursue
more acting work.  I just created a demo tape today.  I'm leaving my
contract at
Dayton's on the 22nd and I'm going to try to find a short-term
contract out there.  There seems to be a lot of programming work out there,

I'm not sure where I'll be living yet so I don't know my new address or
phone number but I'm keeping my e-mail address so we can keep in touch that

I'm going to drive out there, leaving probably Friday, January 29th.  I may
fly back here once or twice before June.  Otherwise, I'll see you then.

See you in the movies (maybe . . . . .  BIG maybe :-)  !


Jay Blake

P.S.  Sorry I still haven't sent out my Christmas cards.  I just couldn't
get into the spirit this year.  Maybe I'll send one out for Valentine's or
Easter or Equinox or Mother's Day or Father's Day or . . . . . . . . .