The L.A. Report Part 5



Hi Gang,

This report isn't as much an update as it is a notice that I'm flying back
Minneapolis this Thursday (arriving about midnight) to start THE BIG

Here are my tentative plans for my week in
Minneapolis.  Friday I'm going to
gather up boxes and do errand-type stuff.  Saturday night I'm going to the
contra dance in
St. Paul and Sunday I'll probably go see my family in Black
.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I'll probably just pack.  Other
than that, I'm hoping to get to see as many of my friends as possible.
Okay, Dennis, I'll pencil you in for Saturday from
12:23 to 12:47 . . . . .

I am really dreading this move.  Besides the emotional trauma inherent in
any move - especially an out-of-state one, I've got so much to do with
packing, packing and more packing and selling stuff and canceling services,
doing address change notification, getting the house ready to sell, etc.
But that all pales in comparison with the van drive back out here with my
five cats, all of which hate 10-minute car rides to the vet!  Again, I am
actively seeking someone to ride out with me to share the driving and to
comfort, console and control the cats.  If I can find someone to alternate
driving, I'll probably drive straight through (about 30 hours) to minimize
the trauma on the cats.  If someone would like to help me I will pay their
airfare home and donate my first-born male child to them.  My house sitter
knows of someone who might be willing but I'm not sure if the timing is
going to work out for her.

My movers are coming Thursday, May 6th and I'll be leaving as soon as
they're packed.  I'll be back in
L.A. by Sunday at the latest and my
furniture and stuff should be arriving a few days later.

I'm going to be selling a lot of stuff that I don't want to move.  Here's a
list of a few things:  Most of my photography stuff, my stereo ($750) or
just the 3' speakers ($150), my exercise machine ($80) and my HP Laser
printer ($100).  I don't know if I'll have a garage sale or what.

I have my house in
Minneapolis on the market for $175,000.  I had an offer
for $10,000 less than that the first day it was on the market.  I made a
counter offer but the guy got cold feet and withdrew his offer altogether.
Sounds like it should sell pretty quickly though, and will generate enough
of a profit that I'll be able to make a good down-payment on a house out
here.  I've already started looking a little.  For the time being, I'm
moving into the apartment I told you about in my last report.  Effective
Thursday, my address will be:

4343 Ventura Canyon Ave. #102
Oaks, CA  91423(-3741 for you anal-retentives)
phone:  (818) 788-2318  cell phone is still (818) 679-3545

I'm really going to miss my current apartment.  I'm listening to a
great-horned owl as I type this and I heard my first coyotes a couple nights
last week.  I finally used the pool last week when the temperature got up to
90 a couple days (now it's back in the mid-60's; average high is 74 right

I haven't done as much acting stuff lately other than a couple of classes;
my "real" job has been taking up most of my time.  And as if I don't have
enough stress in my life, my manager is kind of a hardass about personal
phone calls, etc.  Other than that, I really like the people and the work is

The relationship I had with the woman I saw for a little while shortly after
I moved here didn't work out simply because of the children issue (the story
of my life the last eight years).  We only dated four or five times but I
became pretty attached to her.  So that's been another stressor and gave me
a minor case of the blues for awhile.

I have never been so stressed out in my life - and I haven't even started
packing yet!  I wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning thinking about all this
stuff I have to do and can't get back to sleep.

Speaking of stress, I'm sure the cats are freaking out lately with the
constant parade of realtors, home buyers, inspectors and repairmen/women
through the house.  I hope they still remember me after my three-month

My agent left his agency that he worked for 10 years (that's a whole
'nother story) to start his own agency.  He is already SAG-franchised and
he's bringing me with him to his new agency but we'll see if he does any
better.  I don't have a real lot of confidence in him.  I performed in a
class for an agent from one of the big agencies a couple weeks ago and she
called me a week later to tell me she thought I had a good look, resume and
read well but their agency is just too full to take on any more clients in
my category.  It was really nice of her to call me at least and she invited
me to send her update postcards from time to time.

I still don't know when my episode of The X-Files and Felicity will be on
but they should be very soon.  Mad About You is scheduled for May 24th and I
think I missed my episode of The Practice a week ago Sunday.

A 12-year-old kid in my apartment complex had a big role in
L.A. Doctors
last Wednesday.  He was pretty good in it, too.

I'm looking forward to coming home this week and seeing the cats, my friends
and the contra babes :-)  Hope to see as many of you as possible.