The L.A. Report Part 4



Hi Everybody,

I've been even busier.  I've worked on two more TV shows (still only as an
extra):  The Practice and Felicity.   In The Practice I was sitting in a
courtroom gallery right behind Lara Flynn (Eleanor?), the main actress.  The
episode is about a boy who claims his dad killed his mother, and then changes
his story to claim it was an accident.  In Felicity, I was in a restaurant
near the main actors in two different scenes.  That episode was about
Felicity and her friends planning a trip somewhere and later one of the main
guys gets knocked down by one of the others.  That's about all I know about
it.  I have found out that the Mad About You episode I worked on will be
airing May 24th on NBC (8:00 Central?)  I'm not sure when the other shows
will be on but I think the schedule is:

Mad About You    NBC  Mondays at 8:00 Central (temporarily off)
The Practice        ABC  Sundays at 9:00 Central
The X-Files          Fox  Sundays at 8:00 Central
Felicity                WB   Tuesdays at 8:00 Central

I also worked on a corporate video for Von's, a grocery store chain.  I've
done a few more showcases and tomorrow I'm performing for the guy who casts
NYPD Blue.  My agent hasn't sent me out on a single audition yet but he
asked me for more headshots so he must be at least submitting me.

Now the "vacation" is kinda over.  I just got a real job.  I got a computer
programming contract (at a slightly higher rate than my last contract in
Minneapolis) with SunAmerica, a huge annuities corporation with several
billion dollars in assets.  Their office is in Woodland Hills, a very nice
suburb in the western part of L.A. County.  It's very Edina-like: everything
new and clean, sleek 30- to 40-story office towers, fountains, perfect
landscaping, etc., with beautiful views of the hills (foothills?) nearby.
It's 18 miles from my apartment but I can make it door-to-desk in 25

If you've been watching Jay Leno, you know that the weather hasn't been
great out here lately.  In the past two weeks, the temperature has only been
about 60, with several days of rain.  A couple days ago, we had a record low
high for the day of 55 degrees.  This is the coldest April in history.
There have been several days that were warmer in Minneapolis than it was
here!  Granted, this is unusual for here (the average high for this date is
72), and for there (average high is maybe mid-40's).  But it kinda makes me
feel gypped (okay, not politically correct, sorry).

If you've been watching Jay Leno, you also know that gas prices have
skyrocketed in California.  Whereas they've gone up maybe 10 or 20 cents a
gallon in the rest of the country, they've gone up 50 cents to a dollar
here.  I paid $1.55 a gallon yesterday.  Apparently, two major refineries in
California are closed (accidents or explosions or something).

Do I still like it here?  Yes!  In fact . . . . . . .  you guessed it; I've
decided to move here permanently!  Even if I wasn't an actor, I'd still do
it.  I just put a security deposit on an apartment in Sherman Oaks, about
halfway between where I am working (Woodland Hills) and where I hope to be
working (Hollywood) - roughly nine miles from both.  I told the landlord I
had five cats and he still accepted me.  I also told him I'm going to try to
buy a house as soon after mine sells as possible (just got the ball rolling
with a realtor today) so I wanted only a six-month lease (he wanted a
one-year lease) and he accepted that, too.  The apartment has two-bedrooms
and two-bathrooms, which should be enough space for all of my stuff and the
five cats.  It's nothing real special but it's only a year old and has a
washer and dryer in the unit and 17-foot ceilings.  It's in a very crowded
and busy neighborhood (half a block north of Ventura Blvd) but I have two
parking spots in the gated garage (lots of gates in L.A.).  I'm going to
come back to Minneapolis to move sometime in the first week of May.  Anybody
feel like a road trip to L.A.?

For those of you who can get photo attachments in your e-mail, I've enclosed
three more photos, all taken with my crappy point-and-shoot camera.  The
first is the entrance to Brand Park, a park in Glendale, the first city I
stayed in.  The second shows Mann's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard
and the third shows the view of L.A. at night from the Griffith Park
Observatory (much better in person).

Take care and I'll see you in early May.




tnBrandPark tnChineseTheatertnViewFromGriffith