The L.A. Report Ė Part 24



Hey Everybody,


I just started another unemployment stint so I thought it would be a good time for a new L.A. Report.


Last month I left my programming job in Covina.The contract was supposed to be for four to six months but I hung in there for ten.The first six months or so were great but then things started to change and I was assigned tasks that I wasnít qualified or trained to do.The whole team was in a constant state of flux, with new requirements and procedures every week or so.As a result, I was under a lot of new pressure to complete things I didnít fully understand.In fact, it was such an unusual business it was always difficult to fully grasp, although I even surprised myself with what I was able to accomplish.But then as things evolved, my manager started getting very critical.It got to the point where every time I got an email from her, my heart would start to race.Well, you canít take that for very long so I gave my two-week notice without even having a new job lined up.Crazy, yes, but my mental and physical health is way more important than any job!


I am under consideration for a perm job with an L.A. County department and a few contracts have popped up recently so hopefully I wonít be off for six months like I was last time.


But this time off has enabled me to get back into acting a little.A couple weeks ago I was a featured extra on an episode of People Magazine Investigates, titled Long Island Serial Killer.I played a medical examiner in three shots, although Iím not sure how much of my face theyíll use.It will air on the same network as that other crime reenactment show I did in 2012 Ė Investigation Discovery.


Last week I auditioned for a role on Battle of the Sexes, kindof a raunchy show on the Lifetime Movie Network (even though itís a TV series).A week later I found out I booked it Ė my first scripted speaking role on national TV.I only had five lines but you gotta start somewhere!I shot it Thursday and the first 3 or 4 takes were perfect but my performance got a little weaker as the day wore on.Itíll be okay, but no Emmy award nod this time!Weíre not supposed to talk about the details Ė studios have gotten very strict about leaking details in these days of rampant social media Ė but I will tell you itís Episode 19.Itís supposed to air this fall, but I donít know when; Iíll let you know when I find out.


I tripped on the sidewalk at the end of my run December 12th and broke my left pinkie.  I went to a hand specialist a week later and he suggested just buddy-taping it for a while.  After a couple months it just wasnít healing well so he recommended surgery.  He operated on April Foolís Day (just by coincidence) and I had to wear a bandage/splint for 10 days, then another splint for another month.  Now the bone is almost perfect but the finger doesnít bend as far as it should nor straighten as much as it should so I had a few sessions of physical therapy, which helped, but itíll probably never be back to normal.No big deal Ė it hasnít affected my golf or anything else.


Those of you who follow my occasional posts on Facebook know that I finally got hearing aids.However, they only amplified background noises and didnít make voices any clearer, which was the main goal.I was driving with a friend in the car and I had to ask her to repeat everything, just like before I got the aids.I know they're supposed to be able to adjust them somewhat but I just wasn't confident that they would ever be able to make them sound really good.So after a week, I returned them and bought my first smartphone instead, with the excuse that there are hearing aid apps you can get.Since there are only a few places I have problems hearing (mainly movies and lectures), I figured I could use my smartphone on those occasions.


So I have tried half a dozen hearing aid apps, and, while almost all of them amplified clearly and equalized well, they all had just a tiny delay, resulting in an annoying echo-effect.So much for that experiment.But I love the smartphone anyway (Samsung Galaxy S7)!


It got up to 107 degrees in Sherman Oaks Friday, but it looks like the entire country is sweltering under the ďHeat DomeĒ!And it wouldnít be summer in Southern California without a wildfire or two.Right now we have the ďSand FireĒ, so close to me that I could see the flames in the distance when I was driving home a few nights ago. Saturday I couldnít do my run because there was so much smoke and ash in the air.Yesterday was much better because the wind had shifted so I did the run I usually do on Saturdays.


Well, thatís about all for now.I would imagine Iíll send my next report in another 8 months. ††