Jay Blake                            IBM Mainframe Programmer                          (818) 398-5164



EXPERIENCE (30 YEARS)        Download MS Word doc


OS/MVS/z/OS JCL        27  years             DB2                         2  years               AFCS                     2  years

TSO/ISPF                     27  years             PANVALET             19  years               DYL-280                 4 years

COBOL (OS/VS/II/370)  30 years             LIBRARIAN/ELIPS    2  years               QUIKJOB                3  years

Assembler (BAL)            7  years             Easytrieve                8  years               Microsoft Word     16  years

CICS - Command Lvl     13  years             EXPEDITER             6  years               Microsoft Excel      9  years

IMS DB (DL/I)               12  years             Endevor                   3  years               Microsoft Access    2  years

VSAM                          22  years             File-AID                    5  years               LaserVault              2  years



HTML, HTML5, XML, JavaScript, TELON, SDF, Mapper, Datacom/DB, ADABAS, Intertest, VOLLIE, Bim-

Edit, Test Director, Changeman, Visual Basic, Java, SQL Server, RightFax.




Lereta, LLC                                  Property Tax Payments.  DOS/VSE, COBOL, DYL-280, ADABAS.  Coded and tested

Covina, CA                                   changes to property tax payment system to support acquisitions and business decisions.

Senior Programmer Analyst   Used several advanced tools to dynamically allocate files, create PDF’s and emails and

08/2015 – 06/2016                      submit jobs directly from within COBOL programs.


Union Bank                                  HR/Payroll.  COBOL, CICS, IMS, VSAM, DYL-280.  Performed maintenance and

Monterey Park, CA                     enhancements to the HR/Payroll system.  Designed, coded, tested and implemented

Senior Programmer Analyst   batch COBOL programs to transfer their charitable giving system to YourCause, their

04/2012 – 02/2014,                     wellness program to WebMD and their timekeeping system to Workforce.  Converted

06/2014 – 01/2015                      dozens of hardcopy reports to WebAMMO.   Analyzed interfaces with external systems

                                                        to aid in the transition to Workday.


WPS                                               Health Insurance.  COBOL, CICS, DB2, VSAM.  Changed U.S. military insurance

Madison, WI                                 system (Tricare) to comply with the Affordable Care Act and HIPAA regulation.  Wrote

Senior Programmer Analyst   technical specification documents, performed coding, unit testing, client testing and

04/2011 – 07/2011                      implementation.  Have U.S. government military security clearance.


Union Bank                                  Banking.  COBOL, CICS, IMS, DB2, VSAM, DYL-280.  Changed scores of programs to

Monterey Park, CA                     enlarge the branch number field in several different systems like Account Analysis,

Senior Programmer Analyst   Billable Unit processing, etc.  Performed analysis, coding, unit testing and

06/2010 – 11/2010                      implementation.


Balboa Insurance Group          Auto and Mortgage Insurance.  COBOL, CICS, IDMS, DB2, VSAM.  Performed analysis

Irvine, CA                                      of help desk tickets, made coding changes, tested those changes, and implemented

Senior Programmer Analyst   them into the production policy processing system.

08/2009 – 05/2010


Sentry Insurance                        Auto Insurance Policy Management.  COBOL, CICS, VSAM, Easytrieve.  Performed

Madison, WI                                 production support and enhancements of CICS and batch COBOL programs for the

Senior Programmer Analyst   policy processing system.  Developed programs and jobs to replace ACR balancing

03/2008 – 08/2009                      software, saving company $40,000/yr.


Princess Cruises                       Reservations.  COBOL, CICS, VSAM.  Provided production support, troubleshooting and

Los Angeles, CA                         minor enhancements to the online cruise reservations system.  Created detailed analysis

Senior Programmer Analyst   documents for all problems solved.  Created UAT test scripts to facilitate user testing.

05/2006 – 10/2006


Crystal Cruises, Inc.                  Reservations.  COBOL, CICS, VSAM, SQL Server.  Made changes to address business

Los Angeles, CA                         needs for both shipboard and land-based reservations and customer loyalty systems.

Senior Programmer Analyst   Analyzed and solved online and batch production abends.

03/2005 – 04/2006


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Unitrin                                           Auto Insurance Policy Management.  COBOL, VSAM, DYL-280.  Coded, tested,

Los Angeles, CA                         documented and installed process for tracking escrow amounts for tentative rate

Senior Programmer Analyst   changes.  Created balancing reports, analyzed and solved production problems, created

07/2002 – 03/2005                      one-time user reports on hardcopy, Excel files or LaserVault.


Kaiser Permanente                   Medicare Billing.  TELON, COBOL, CICS, DL/I, VSAM. Assisted in determining

Los Angeles, CA                         specifications, designed and coded Risk Adjustment regulatory changes to the Medicare

Senior Programmer Analyst   billing system.

08/2000 – 01/2001


SunAmerica Financial               Annuity Maintenance.  COBOL, CICS, DB2, VSAM.  Wrote new CICS and

Los Angeles, CA                         batch programs to support new Japan office. Converted dollar fields in CICS

Senior Programmer Analyst   programs to Japanese yen.  Performed on-call production support of batch and online

03/1999 – 11/1999                      system, solving after-hours abends.


Dayton Hudson Corp. /              Credit Authorization, Billing, Payroll/Personnel, Merchandise, Sales Audit.  COBOL,

  Target Stores                            CICS, DL/I, BAL, VSAM, DB2, Easytrieve.  Performed Y2K planning, testing and

Minneapolis, MN                         documentation.  Coded, tested and installed Easytrieve and COBOL DB2 programs

Senior Programmer Analyst   for Target’s Take Charge of Education program.  Made extensive modifications of

06/1986 – 08/1986,                     BAL/COBOL/CICS credit card authorization programs.  Designed, coded, tested and

11/1988 – 02/1990,                     installed dozens of new CICS–DL/I programs.  Converted IMS programs to use BMP

08/1990 – 11/1991,                     processing.  Designed and wrote COBOL programs to print or reprint employee W2’s.

04/1992 – 01/1999                      Installed new releases of FINALIST.




1986 – 1990                        B. Dalton Bookseller                                                 Minneapolis, MN

1986                                   Travelers Express                                                     Minneapolis, MN

1985                                   F.W. Woolworth                                                        Milwaukee, WI

1985                                   Conklin Company                                                     Minneapolis, MN

1984 – 1985                        Donaldson Company                                                 Minneapolis, MN

1984                                   3M                                                                             St. Paul, MN

1984                                   Northern States Power Company                               Minneapolis, MN

1983                                   National Car Rental                                                   Minneapolis, MN

1982 – 1983                        Control Data Institute                                                Minneapolis, MN

1982                                   The St. Paul Companies                                            St. Paul, MN

1980 – 1982                        IDS / American Express                                            Minneapolis, MN





Control Data Institute                Graduate, Computer Programming and Operations.

Minneapolis, MN

08/1979 – 05/1980


U of Wis. – Eau Claire               Majored in Music – Vocal Performance.  Made Dean’s List 3 out 4 semesters attended.

Eau Claire, WI

08/1976 – 05/1978





Have only taken 5 sick days from work in my life.