Date Medium Title Role
1/1/1980 movie Purple Haze party goer
1/1/1990 movie Drop Dead Fred party goer
1/1/1991 movie Equinox construction worker
1/1/1992 movie Twenty Bucks pedestrian
2/1/1992 movie The Mighty Ducks hockey spectator
3/1/1992 movie Untamed Heart hockey spectator
1/1/1993 movie Little Big League limo driver
1/1/1994 movie She Lead Two Lives funeral attendee
1/1/1995 movie In the Line of Duty: Hunt for Justice SWAT team officer
1/1/1995 movie Beautiful Girls hospital orderly
1/1/1996 movie Jingle All the Way tee shirt vendor
1/1/1998 movie Drop Dead Gorgeous janitor
2/1/1999 TV Mad About You pedestrian
3/1/1999 TV The X-Files convention attendee
4/1/1999 TV The Practice reporter
5/1/1999 TV Felicity restaurant patron
6/1/1999 TV ER injured skier
1/1/2000 TV Martial Law police officer
2/1/2000 TV The West Wing staff worker
1/1/2001 TV CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ambulance attendant
2/1/2001 TV Ally McBeal courtroom spectator
3/1/2001 TV ER gown patient
4/1/2001 TV Pasadena chauffeur
5/1/2001 TV Boston Public graduation spectator
6/1/2001 TV Providence airline pilot
7/1/2001 TV NYPD Blue accountant
1/1/2002 movie Like Mike basketball spectator
1/1/2002 TV Family Law: To Protect and to Serve juror
1/1/2002 TV First Monday: Strip Search doctor
1/1/2002 TV Lizzie McGuire: Grubby Longjohns' Old Time Revue tourist
1/1/2002 TV Philly:Brotherly Love lawyer
1/1/2002 TV JAG:First Casualty courtroom spectator
1/1/2002 TV Judging Amy visitor
1/1/2002 TV 7th Heaven airline passenger
1/1/2002 TV Boston Public:Chapter 39? parent
1/1/2002 TV Spin City:A Friend in Need security guard
1/1/2002 TV 24 photographer
1/1/2002 TV Providence:Great Expectations bar patron
1/1/2002 TV Arli$$:In With the New reporter
1/1/2002 TV Frasier:Cheerful Reunion airplane pilot
1/1/2002 TV Vanished bar patron
1/1/2002 TV Son of the Beach:Long Hot Johnson country club member
1/1/2002 TV Astronauts bar patron
1/1/2002 TV Alias:The Solution CIA agent
2/1/2002 movie Old School professor
3/1/2002 movie One on One basketball spectator
4/1/2002 movie The Shape of Things professor
5/1/2002 movie Itís Not About Me bar patron
11/2/2007 movie Tropic Thunder Academy Award audience member
2/23/2011 TV William and Kate paparazzi photographer
3/4/2011 TV Luck parking valet
3/8/2011 TV Parenthood mailman (never used)
4/1/2011 TV Awake (formerly R.E.M.) mourner
4/13/2011 TV Criminal Minds sadism client
4/14/2011 TV Criminal Minds sadism client
9/8/2011 TV How I Met Your Mother pedestrian
9/13/2011 TV House gown patient (never used)
9/16/2011 TV Community party goer
9/19/2011 movie Gangster Squad train passenger
9/20/2011 TV The Big Bang Theory cafeteria customer
9/26/2011 TV Free Agents dinner guest
9/28/2011 movie The Dark Knight Rises angry mob member
9/29/2011 movie Gangster Squad casino patron
10/3/2011 movie Gangster Squad bar patron (never used)
10/12/2011 movie Gangster Squad neighborhood pedestrian
10/13/2011 movie Gangster Squad neighborhood pedestrian
10/14/2011 TV Hart of Dixie pageant goer
10/21/2011 TV Shameless e.r. doctor
11/1/2011 TV Raising Hope movieie goer
11/4/2011 TV Raising Hope movieie goer
11/7/2011 TV The Finder bus passenger
11/16/2011 TV The Middle parent (never used)
11/17/2011 TV Key & Peele senator
12/1/2011 TV Bent wedding guest
12/2/2011 TV Bent wedding guest
12/4/2011 comm Somnio (European clothing designer) pedestrian
12/5/2011 TV Bent wedding guest
12/6/2011 TV The Moment counseling patient
12/8/2011 TV Awake doorman
12/14/2011 TV House seminar guest
12/16/2011 TV Newsroom cleaning crew
12/21/2011 TV Mad Men museum goer
1/6/2012 TV CSI: New York pedestrian
1/11/2012 TV The Mentalist dinner guest
1/18/2012 TV Awake bar partier
1/20/2012 TV Suburgatory restaurant patron
1/22/2012 Webisode Funny or Die restaurant patron
1/26/2012 TV Burt Wonderstone magic show audience
1/29/2012 TV Crooked Arrows lacrosse spectator
2/3/2012 TV Hot in Cleveland ball guest
2/7/2012 TV Unusual Suspects maintenance worker
2/9/2012 TV Unusual Suspects maintenance worker
2/10/2012 TV House businessman & carnival goer
2/13/2012 comm RBC golf spectator
2/14/2012 comm RBC golf spectator
2/23/2012 TV How I Met Your Mother pedestrian
2/26/2012 TV Beautiful People businessman
2/28/2012 TV The Mentalist teacher
3/7/2012 movie Supremacy sheriff
3/8/2012 movie Supremacy sheriff
3/9/2012 movie Supremacy sheriff
3/12/2012 movie Supremacy sheriff
3/13/2012 movie Supremacy sheriff
3/16/2012 movie Supremacy sheriff
3/20/2012 TV Harry's Law defendant supporter
3/21/2012 TV pilot County O.R. doctor
3/22/2012 TV Harry's Law defendant supporter
3/23/2012 TV Harry's Law defendant supporter
3/26/2012 TV pilot Save Me business person
3/28/2012 TV CSI race spectator
3/30/2012 TV pilot In Your Eyes mental patient
4/3/2012 movie ASP2 train passenger
4/10/2012 TV Enlightened party guest
4/13/2012 TV Harry's Law defendant supporter
4/24/2012 movie Star Trek Into Darkness mourner