Jay Blake                 SAG-AFTRA                    (818) 398-5164

Height: 5’10”  Weight: 160 lbs.         Demo reel – Search YouTube for “jay blake demo”


Film                                                                                        Producer / Director

Half a Man                                            Star                              Iconostar Productions / Bill Olson

From the Darkness                                Star                              Paradise Pictures / Robert Blair

The Couch                                            Star                              MCAD / David Holmdahl

Follies                                                  Star                              MCAD / Victor Lin

The Seven Wharfs                                 Star                              MCAD / Ben Conrad / Paul Westergard

Seduction Loop                                                Co-star                         Lily Tsong

Little Dreamer                                        Co-star                         MCTC / Matt Lunser

The AGE out of Marriage                       Supporting                    Strayfellows Productions / Zack Nigh

Who’s Afraid of the Boogeyman?          Supporting                    Dream Factory Studios / Nick Torres

The Game                                             Supporting                    Tom Nordyke / Jennifer Kramer

Made in Berlin                                       Supporting                    John Ervin

Backroads to Nowhere                          Supporting                    David Marfield

Date of Birth                                         Supporting                    U of St. Thomas / Dr. Kenneth Sauter

The Mustache Moment                           Supporting                    CSUN / Jill Mireles

Judge Judy Rules                                 Supporting                    MCTC / Byl Fay

The King of the Freaks                          Supporting                    MCTC / Mark Lopez

Pizza Oven                                            Supporting                    MCAD / Aaron Virtue

Protected Streets                                  Supporting                    MCTC / Scott Miller

Elderly Uprising                                     Supporting                    MCAD / Wilson Webb

Horror Show                                          Supporting                    MCAD / Danielle Barr

Prisoner X102 . . .                                 Supporting                    MCAD / Greg Yolen

The Pitch                                              Supporting                    MCAD / Nicole Speed

It’s Still There                                        Supporting                    New York Film Academy / Istvan Toth

The Bad Cop                                         Supporting                    Christopher Glenn

The Waiting Room                                 Supporting                    Charles DeWald

Fairest of Them All                                Supporting                    Ange Hwang

Indiana Cones and Another Crusade       Supporting                    Paradise Pictures / Robert Blair

Chef                                                     Supporting                    CSUN / Imran Shaikh

The Karaoke King                                  Supporting                    MCTC / Ron Johnson

* MCAD = Minneapolis College of Art and Design;  MCTC = Minneapolis Community and Technical College


Television                                                                            Producer / Director

Video Etudes - The Breakup                  Co-star                         Iconostar Productions / Bill Olson

My Crazy Sex – Season 2, Episode 3     Supporting                    Lifetime Movie Network / Travis Blackwell

Madlife “I Want War” music video           Supporting                    Archenemy Films / Jeff Jingle

Funday!                                                Supporting                    Funday Productions / Warner Jackson



(List available upon request)



Woody Allen’s “God”                             Doctor, Man                  BLB - Minneapolis / Stuart Rosen          

The Merry Wives of Windsor                  Chorus member             University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire



On-Camera Acting, Auditioning              Mimi Lieber, Doug Wright, Joan Messinger, Patrick Pankhurst, Tom Logan, Judy Kerr, Paul Aaron, Curt Akerlind, Victoria Eide

Improvisation                                        Amy Fisher

Voiceovers                                           Joannie Gerber, Larry Russo


Other Talents

Singing (all styles), ballroom and square dancing, scuba diving, golf, skiing (water/snow).